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Step by Step

How Fasal Works

1. Sense

Fasal monitors critical microclimatic parameters, including Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Soil moisture at various levels, Leaf wetness, Soil temperature etc., 24x7x365 from your farm and uploads it to Fasal cloud platform.

2. Analyse

The data is then analysed and presented, making your crop's health accessible to you anytime, anywhere on any device for decision making like irrigation management, resource optimization, increasing yield, increasing quality of yield etc.

3. Predict

Captured data is used by our prediction models to predict the ideal growth conditions, resource requirements including fertilizers, Crop diseases, and microclimatic weather predictions.

4. Act

Farmer gets notified on his device and actions can be taken directly from it, like switching on drip irrigation etc.

Fasal Solutions

For controlled environment

Monitor your greenhouse/poly-house/net-houses from any where in the world.

Fasal will help you in taking data driven decisions for your crop.
Save 20-30% cost on disease management and
Save 10-20% cost on irrigation and fertigation.

For open field cultivation

Don't leave your crops on the mercy of the gods.

With Fasal you will always be aware control of the situation in the farm.
Save 25-30% of your disease management cost.
Save 15-20% of your irrigation and fertigation cost.

For Vineyards

Don't let downy and powdery mildew kill your harvest and your money.

Fasal will keep you updated of your vineyard's micro-climatic conditions in real time.
Downy and powdery disease prediction for preventive sprays.
Water stress and field level evapotranspiration to manage irrigation and berry size.
Field level weather forecast for better planning and prevention.

Remarkable Works

We have gained reliability
to serve you best


Grow more
Grow better.

Nayan Taunk

A progressive onion farmer at Raipur using Fasal to grow smart, grow more.

Fasal in Durg

Fasal at large scale Brinjal farm in Durg.

Abhishek Chawda

One of the biggest farmers in Chattisgarh using Fasal for his pepper plantation.

Grover Zampa Bengaluru

Fasal at one of the largest vineyard in India.


Fasal in all it's glory helping farmers grow smart and grow more using IoT and Machine Learning.

Bhupendra Parmar

Fasal being used by Mr. Bhupendra Parmar who is a consultant for 2000+ acres of vegetable farming land.

Berkeley - Andhra Smart Village

Fasal being installed at Berkeley - Andhra Smart Village, an initiative by Shri N Chandrababu Naidu (Hon'ble Chief Minister, A.P).

Farmer Testimonies

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