1. Sense

Fasal monitors critical microclimatic parameters, including Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Soil moisture at various levels, Leaf wetness, Soil temperature etc., 24x7x365 from your farm and uploads it to Fasal cloud platform.

2. Analyse

The data is then analysed and presented, making your crop's health accessible to you anytime, anywhere on any device for decision making like irrigation management, resource optimization, increasing yield, increasing quality of yield etc.

3. Predict

Captured data is used by our prediction models to predict the ideal growth conditions, resource requirements including fertilizers, Crop diseases, and microclimatic weather predictions.

4. Act

Farmer gets notified on his device and actions can be taken directly from it, like switching on drip irrigation etc.

Farmer Stories

“Horticulture consultant Mr. Bhupendra Parmar grows vegetables in Durg city. He came to know that he has been irrigating excessively in his farm where water is a scarcity. He is now saving 50% on irrigation cost.”

“Another influential farmer Mr. Deepesh is growing eggplant did not believe the night temperature in his farm goes as below as 3 degree celsius, Eggplant ceases to grow in this condition.”

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