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Microclimatic forecast

Get farm level weather forecast with high accuracy

Disease & pest prediction

Get alerts for risk of disease and pest

Irrigation alerts

Manage irrigation precisely by optimising the usage of water

Manage farm

Manage and monitor your finances

How Fasal works?

Data driven smart farming

Fasal uses farm level data to predict ideal growth conditions and resource requirements - including irrigation, sprays, fertigation and other preventive measures and notify farmers to take informed decisions. Fasal monitors micro & macro climatic conditions, below the soil parameters, solar conditions, crop stage, crop growth characteristics, etc.

Irrigation alert

Fasal system continuously checks water availability in the soil to ensure that the irrigation requirement of the crop is precisely met at all times based on crop, its stage, and soil characteristics.

Weather forecast

Fasal provides a farm-specific micro-climatic forecast for next 14 days to keep you well prepared for weather risks of the future.

Disease and pest alerts

Fasal disease prediction and assessment systems forewarn farmers and agri institutions about the possibility of a crop disease, it's severity, possibility of pest outbreak so that the farmers can precisely time their preventive sprays.

Record activities and finances

Fasal provides real-time insight into daily progress of your crops and activities, manages sales, expenses and cash flow to ensure the health of your finances.

Micro climatic forecast

Fasal provides farm-specific micro-climatic forecasts for the next 14 days to keep you well prepared for weather risks of the future. You can use this forecast to prepare for the future activities at your farm.

A typical Fasal advisory looks like: "High chances of rainfall between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM on Block 1. Expected amount of rainfall is 3 mm."

Precise irrigation

Fasal provides plot level, crop-specific and crop stage specific irrigation requirements precise to the litre per plant. Our system considers aspects such as soil texture, crop, crop-stage, soil water tension, rate of water loss, plant ecology, transpiration etc. to recommend precisely when and how much to irrigate.

A typical Fasal irrigation advisory looks like this: “You need to irrigate Block 1 with 4.3 litres/plant by 4 pm tomorrow.”

Disease & pest warning

Fasal provides preventive advisories for disease and pest management, informs the farmers which spray they should use and the best time to spray. Fasal tracks the life cycle of various pathogens as well as pests, specific to the crop and crop stage, by monitoring the congenial on-farm micro and macro-climatic conditions and then informs when to take preventive sprays.

A typical Fasal advisory looks like: "High Risk of Downy Mildew on Block 1. Take Revus Top, Mancozeb or Acrobat preventive spray with good coverage at 8 AM."

Farm finance management

Fasal lets you plan, monitor and analyze all activities on your farm in a very simple and intuitive way. It provides real-time insight into daily progress of your crops and activities, manages sales, expenses and cash flows to ensure the health of your farm’s finances.

Fasal's impact so far

82.8 Billion

Litres of water saved from irrigation.

Upto 60%

Deduction in pesticide cost

Upto 40%

Increase in yield


A watershed moment for India’s farmers

From preventing mildew before its arrival to conserving water, Fasal’s devices are helping farmers adopt new ways. According to Fasal, the deployment of its IoT devices on 10,000 acres of farmland so far has saved 3 billion litres of water.

Agro Spectrum India

Agritech startup Fasal launches “WATER CREDIT initiative"

Precision farming agritech start up- Fasal has launched FASAL WATER CREDIT ™ to encourage its farmers to save water and money with sustainable farming practices. Fasal is the pioneer of precision farming and is an IoT based AI-powered intelligence platform for horticulture crops. It captures real-time data on conditions from on-farm sensors to deliver farm-specific, crop-specific and crop-stage specific actionable recommendations to farmers.

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Awards & recognitions

Won the IMARK 2021 award by India Design Mark for our product 'Fasal Kranti'.
Won the 'Best use of AI in Agriculture' 2021 award by GAISA.
Won the prestigious Next Gen Product of the Year 2021 award by NASSCOM.
Forbes 30 under 30 Asia recognition for founders.
Earned a spot in Forbes Asia 100 to Watch.
Fasal is Great Place to work® certified.

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