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Remote management of farm during Covid-19 lockdown.

Disease management benefit

Saved ₹ 90,000 approximately in disease management

More Yield

25 tonnes more yield as compared to previous season

Optimum irrigation

60% less irrigation as compared to previous seasons

Farmer's Name: Mr. Sangamesh Tallikoti

Region: Bagalkot, Karnataka

Crop: Tomato

Land Area: 3 acres

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

Mr. Sangamesh Tallikoti, a progressive farmer in Bagalkot region of Karnataka, installed Fasal system in his farm for the first time after 15 days of transplantation. While in the course of growing season Fasal system helped Mr. Tallikoti for managing and planning irrigation activities. With the precise knowledge of plant water requirements he was able to save about 60% water as compared to last season. Mr. Sangamesh also confirms that his number of sprays dropped from 40 to 21 as compared to his previous practices. With the help of Fasal disease forewarnings he was able to prevent outbreaks of disease like powdery mildew and fruit rot by precise timings of his preventive sprays. He also prevented the outbreak of pests like aphids, thrips and leafhoppers.

Mr. Tallikotti mentions that the highlight of his experience with Fasal was real-time remote management of his farm during the Covid-19 lockdown. He lives 12 kms away from his farm and could not visit there for 2.5 months. But, as he had Fasal installed in his farm, he had access to all the necessary details about his farm including weather, water requirements, pest and disease pressure through his app. This allowed him to remotely operate his farm by guiding his farm labour on when/what needs to be done.

He now plans to deploy Fasal on all of his farms and is encouraging farmers in the region to do the same.