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Careers at Fasal

Work on ground breaking technologies like IoT and machine learning to disrupt how fruits, vegetable and plantation crops are managed and grown.

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Life at Fasal

The Fasal family is a close-knit group of immensely passionate professionals trying to solve problems every day. If we find a problem, we want to solve it now! We take immense pride in our flat and open work culture, where innovation is at the core, empowered by continuous learning and experimentation. Everyone in this family is just an email away. We stand by each other through all the ups and downs because after all, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. Our people are the heart of our organisation which has made us a 'Great Place to Work' certified company.

If you are a person who loves challenges and building things with a lot of flexibility and not-so-traditional work culture, this is the right place for you.

Our Core Values

Customer first

We understand the needs of our customers and every step we take is to create value for them.


We ideate daily and challenge the conventional views to drive innovation in order to keep ourselves relevant.


We break every traditional barrier and create an open and sharing environment to help an individual reach their highest potential.


We do not believe in managing people, everyone is expected to take charge of their work and make sure the company as a whole moves forward.


Melting pot of diverse talents

We are a team of researchers, marketers, engineers, statisticians who are working together to truly challenge the statue quo of Indian Horticulture.

Real impact in farmer's lives

Every piece of code we write, every marketing campaign we run, every agronomic model we build, every feature we ship impacts the way our food is grown and consumed.

Cultural and intellectual coherance

We encourage people to take ownership of their projects and in the process interact with every department to get it to a meaningful level of completion. We support involvement and provide positive, fun ways for our employees to get together for personal and professional development activities.

Other benefits

Health Insurance, Personal Time, Free Lunch, Paternity Leave, Learning Repository for self development.

Join us to disrupt Indian horticulture.