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More Yield

Increase in yield of about half a metric ton, converting into better revenue realisation of ₹ 20,000

Optimum Data Driven Irrigation

About 8.5 lakh litres of water saved this season from irrigation. There was a 30% decrease in irrigation frequency. Saved about 10% in fertigation cost. A cumulative saving of ₹ 3,650.

Disease Management

Direct saving by cutting 14 sprays of Downey & Powdery Mildew worth ₹ 47,600. By virtue of this, saved 14 tractor passes for spraying saving ₹ 7,000 in fuel cost.

Direct monetary benefit of ₹ 78,000

Farmer's Name: Kiran Patil

Region: Tasgaon, Sangli, Maharashtra

Crop: Grapes

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

Kiran Patil, a grape farmer from Tasgaon, Sangli (Maharashtra, India) used Fasal for his grape plantation for the last season starting the mid of November 2018 to April 15, 2019. Midway through this journey he concluded the experience by saying "Saheb, Kranti hona rey", which in english translates to "Sir, this is a revolution". Kiran Patil is an experienced grape farmer who has been doing grape farming since last 15 years. In his region Downy mildew and Powdery mildew are a big menace. Afraid of losing his crop, just like all other farmers of the region, Kiran Patil also had developed the practice of spraying fungicides on any sign/feeling of threat from the mentioned diseases. Just like other farmers of the region Kiran patil also had the practice of irrigating everyday for 1.5 hours.

Kiran Patil sprayed pesticide when Fasal advised him to based on concrete data and irrigated when the crop needed water and was on preventive mode rather than reactive this entire season.

This time, with Fasal as his companion, he decided that he will not just follow the decade old practices but, will take decisions based on hard facts. Kiran Patil has already sold his produce and is now busy encouraging other farmers to adopt Fasal.