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Farmer's Name: Mr. Keshav Bhausaheb Dhanait

Region: Chandwad, Nashik

Crop: Grapes

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

I’m Keshav Bhausaheb Dhanait I belong to Village: Ekrukhe, Tehsil: Chandwad, District: Nashik. I’ve been cultivating various varieties of grapes like Thompson, Manik Chaman, SSN, Sonaka, Crimson, Sudhakar on my 30 acres of grapes farm. 6 months back on one of my friend’s recommendations I’ve installed the Fasal system. Because of Fasal’s accurate pests & disease management-related actionable alerts we were able to take preventive sprays instead of curative sprays leading to huge cost savings. On the 6th of January this year we had received some rainfall and this was correctly predicted by Fasal’s weather forecasting system, this accurate rainfall prediction was extremely important for me and it helped me in keeping the ideal moisture conditions within the canopy resulting in zero cracking of grapes. Comparatively all of my neighboring grape plot owners faced some degree of grapes cracking resulting in less realization of prices for their produce. During the initial days of post-installation, I was in a bit of a conundrum wherein I was unsure, whether to irrigate my fields according to my usual methods & gut feeling or should I trust the Fasal system’s irrigation advisory. Eventually, I started trusting the Fasal system’s irrigation advisory and started irrigating my fields accordingly and to my satisfaction, the plant growth was also optimal. Fasal’s irrigation advisory which is being sent out as an actionable alert through the Fasal app came in very handy when I used to be away from my fields because of some work, with the help of these irrigation-related alerts which I used to receive on my smartphone I used to irrigate my fields remotely with the help of my automated drip irrigation system. The last year working alongside Fasal’s system has been an educationally enriching experience personally for me, now I know at each of the crop-stages of grapes how much water is required for the plant’s optimal growth, how to factor in the climatic conditions in fertigation & irrigation schedules. Because of the critical utilities of its use cases (like precise irrigation advisory which has helped me in saving water, maintaining ideal moisture levels within the canopy to prevent cracking of grapes, etc,.), the trust & confidence it has been able to establish in me I’ll be installing the Fasal system in all of my grape plots and I’m 100% sure that I’ll be reaping the same benefits from those installations as well. I feel all the farmers who are cultivating grapes nowadays should install the Fasal system. It will help each one of us in adapting to the changing climatic conditions and maintain desired quality and quantity of grapes production. Fasal’s system has been super-beneficial for me in reducing my cultivation costs and preparing precise irrigation & spray schedules, and I feel it would help you all as well in making a successful transition towards precision grape framing from the existing set of practices.