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Farmer's Name: Mr. Vaibhav Changdev Aringale

Region: Nashik, Maharahstra

Crop: Grapes

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

I am Vaibhav Changdev Aringale residing at Nashik Road, Nashik. I have 9 acres of vineyard. I have been doing grape farming for the last 10 years. Earlier there was no system as such which could give us any information beforehand around the irrigation parameters, soil moisture levels, leaf wetness, evaporation, weather forecast, etc. on a real-time basis. Fasal’s system completely changed the scenario. It's been 5 months now since I have installed the Fasal system in my plot. Fasal’s system helped me in prudent water management across my farm leading to a lot of water savings, its predictions and alerts were super helpful for me in controlling thrips attack, Mealybugs, powdery mildew & downy mildew attack. It also helped me in monitoring important factors which affect the quality of grapes like rainfall forecasts (daily, weekly), day & night temperature readings. The Fasal app played an instrumental role as an interface between myself and the sensor-led Fasal system deployed within the canopy, I can see all the crop & field relevant parameters like primary & secondary moisture sensor readings, canopy temperature readings, leaf wetness readings, etc., remotely on my smartphone, Fasal’s weather forecast module, its 14-day predictions and the actionable alerts sent out as push notifications have been a constant mainstay of my irrigation & spray schedule planning. Talking about irrigation - initially, we used to water this plot every 5 days for 5 hours, and we also used to fertilize every plot every 5 days, post-installation I started receiving Fasal’s crop-stage specific irrigation-related advisory which advised me to irrigate my grape plots after every 10 days for 3 hours each. I’m the only grapes grower in the Nashik Road region to install the Fasal’s system in the grapes plot, all of my friends own grape plots when they heard that I was irrigating my fields every 10 days for just 3 hours they thought it's impossible to water the plot every 10 days just for 3 hours and it will have a very adverse effect on the sugar levels overall quality & quantity of the production of the grapes comes the harvesting period. If I were to follow the irrigation advisory which I received from the Fasal’s system I would have to irrigate my plots for just 2 hours every 10 days, but for the sake of satisfaction I irrigated my fields for 3 hours every 10 days. 2 hours of irrigation is enough for the water levels to reach up to 2-2.5 feet underground. You all can see this magnificent bunch of grapes, weighing a whopping more than a kilo! This kind of production I was able to take because of following all the irrigation-related advisories & pests, disease actionable alerts provided by the Fasal’s system, and I strongly believe every grape farmer should install Fasal’s system in their grape plots. If we follow the Fasal system’s irrigation-related advisories and irrigate our fields accordingly then the roots will be able to breathe freely, the air will have a lot of space to move in and out efficiently which would lead to efficient uptake of nutrients from the soil leading to the plants being always in a healthy state. This jumbo plot is now 99% black my fellow grape growers in the vicinity faced a lot of difficulties in achieving the desired blackness ratio in their jumbo-variety produce. We never faced such issues and we were able to achieve desirable results with our jumbo production thanks to the Fasal system and its actionable alerts. Currently, we are standing in a Mama-Jumbo plot and because of following a precise irrigation schedule inspired by Fasal’s irrigation alerts the sugar levels of the grape berries hovers around 24-26 °Brix and almost 50% of berries that are available on my plots have sugar levels of 26 °Brix, these kind of desirable sugar levels we were able to achieve without spending much on fertilizers because our fertigation schedules were sparsely schedules after every 10 days in comparison to our usual 5-day schedules. Fasal system provides critical alerts around the possibilities of pests, disease attacks it also suggests the molecules that would be necessary to conduct the preventive sprays it also suggests the ideal timings for conducting these preventive sprays, its irrigation-related advisories rainfall forecasts, and canopy-level critical parameters (like leaf wetness, humidity, temperature, etc.) makes the Fasal system an integral part of a progressive farmer’s toolkit who wishes to transition towards precision grape farming. Indeed, Fasal has tremendous benefits to offer to its grower base and I strongly feel that all the farmers who want to make a successful transition towards precision farming practices from their existing set of practices should install the Fasal’s system.