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Farmer's Name: Mr. Harshad Rakibe

Region: Nashik, Maharashtra

Crop: Grape

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

Shri Harshad Rakibe, Nashik region of Maharashtra, started using Fasal from August 2020. He has mainly benefited from three aspects with help of Fasal system on his vineyard. Firstly, Pest and disease alerts in the app before the outbreak has actually helped him to control the disease with the help of preventive sprays. Secondly, climatic forecast prediction alerts through are app which are farm-specific has helped him manipulate pruning and spray schedules. Thirdly, as over/under irrigation always hampers the quality of the crop, with the help of timely alerts on irrigation through our app, has helped him not only in irrigating the crop optimally but also helped him save the water.