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Farmer's Name: Mr. Sudarshan Patil

Region: Mohadi, Dindori, Nashik, Maharahstra

Crop: Grape

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

I’m Sudarshan Vilas Patil. I belong to the Village: Mohadi, Tehsil: Dindori, District: Nashik. I’ve been cultivating various varieties of grapes like Sudhakar, Dhanaka, Nanasaheb Purple, Thompson & Sonaka on my 70 acres of grapes farm. I was facing a lot of difficulties in getting a clear picture of the irrigation metrics from my field leading to under-irrigation of some plots & over-irrigation of some plots, that’s when Sumit from Fasal showcased me the Fasal’s system demo. Since installing Fasal's system it has been super helpful for me to prepare a precise irrigation schedule, it also helped me in pests & disease management. With the help of Fasal’s app, I can see all the crop & field relevant parameters like primary & secondary moisture sensor readings, canopy temperature readings, leaf wetness readings, etc., remotely on my smartphone, Fasal’s weather forecast module, its 14-day predictions and the actionable alerts sent out as push notifications have been a constant mainstay of my irrigation & spray schedule planning. Fasal helped me in attaining a perfect balance between my fertigation & irrigation practices leading to a reduction in my cultivation costs. In one of the instances where we have a rainfall of 6.5 mm, Fasal’s system came in handy in predicting the rainfall and helped me in keeping the ideal moisture conditions within the canopy resulting in zero cracking of grapes. For the last two years, I was not able to prepare a precise irrigation schedule for the Sudhakar variety planted in my fields to achieve desirable micro-climatic conditions which could have helped me in attaining ideal wapsa (‘Field Capacity’) levels in my fields. I installed the Fasal’s system in the month of April when the pruning was going on in my fields and since then I started receiving the crop-stage specific irrigation advisory which helped me in achieving ideal wapsa (‘Field Capacity’) levels in my field resulting in 2 times increase in the fruitfulness levels in the same Sudhakar variety-planted fields compared to last year. I feel all the young farmers who are taking up grape farming nowadays need to constantly update themselves in terms of their technical capabilities to stay relevant and to achieve the desired production levels. I would like to tell all the folks who are cultivating grapes that Fasal’s system has been super-beneficial for me in reducing my cultivation costs and preparing precise irrigation & spray schedules, and I feel it would help you all as well in making a successful transition towards precision grape framing from the existing set of practices.