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Farmer's Name: Mr. Bhushan Rathor

Region: Durg, Chhattisgarh

Crop: Ivy Gourd

Mode of Irrigation: Drip

I’m Bhushan Rathor. I belong to the Village: Anjora, District: Durg, I own 30 acres of land where I grow all kinds of vegetables. I've been associated with Fasal for the last 3 years, in the initial days I had installed the Fasal’s system in my Ivy Gourd plot, post-installation I started receiving Fasal’s crop-stage specific irrigation-related advisory which was really helpful for me to plan out a precise irrigation schedule. Initially, we used to irrigate for 2-3 hours regularly, post-installation I started observing the primary & secondary soil moisture sensor readings more carefully and the Fasal’s system advised me that for my soil-type I shouldn’t be irrigating for more than 1.5 hours regularly, accordingly, I started irrigating my fields in a phase-wise manner for a cumulative duration of 1.5 hours, this prevented leaching of nutrients and resulted in a lot of water & fertilizer savings. As a whole, these critical changes in my set of practices helped me achieve a higher yield. The Fasal app played an instrumental role as an interface between myself and the sensor-led Fasal system deployed within the canopy, it alerted me on critical pest and disease attacks like powdery mildew, downy mildew & leafminer these timely alerts helped me in taking preventive sprays across the affected areas resulting in less usage of inputs. Comparatively, my neighboring farmers who were not able to take preventive measures during the critical pests & disease attacks I was fortunate enough to have benefitted from the Fasal system’s actionable alerts, these accurate alerts and subsequent preventive sprays also prevented us from spraying our crops for sucking pests & with fungicides for next 15 days. I am really satisfied with the Fasal system, I was among the first set of users who installed this system here in Chhattisgarh and started using its advisory, because of its consistent results I had installed two more devices in fields. Fasal system with its pest and disease-related actionable alerts, irrigation-related advisory & weather forecast has been really effective for me and I strongly feel every farmer who wants to practice precision agriculture should install this device in their fields and observe its well-defined efficacies for themselves.